Saturday, September 01, 2012

hanging around: a headband holder

Here's the problem, I made the bebe a lot of headbands and hair clips. And I mean a LOT. I mean come on, she was born with tons of hair, I couldn't pass up that opportunity. But finding the exact one I want when I need one isn't always easy when you have to dig through a couple of baskets. I, the queen of over-organizing everything, decided it was time for a better option. 

I picked up a couple of worn pieces of pallet wood off the side of the road {the husband nearly signed me up for an episode of hoarders when he discovered this fact} and didn't really know for sure what I was going to do with them, but they seemed destined for a second life. I wanted hanging and clipping and ease, so clothespins just made sense. I had to shabby chic it up though, if I wanted it to blend in to the room. After painting all the clothespins white, I added silver glitter to the tops using mod podge. I then sealed the glitter {who doesn't hate random glitter escapees?} with some jewel glaze and attached them all to the pallet wood using wood glue. The hanging ribbons were an afterthought, and I'm not even sure if they'll stay but they are handy for all those clips.  

This is a much more user-friendly solution for us. If you have any questions for me please leave a comment and I'll make sure to get back to you!


  1. What a fantastic idea! Great work! Can we get a tut. for the cute hair flowers or what? They help make it look super cute :)

  2. Andrea8:04 AM

    This is so cute and pratical...I love it. Do you think I could use the Mod-Pog to seal the glitter instead of the jewel glaze? I was just thinking one less thing to buy.

  3. cheri7:01 AM

    I don't see why not! It just won't have that dimensional shiny effect...

  4. Anonymous10:38 PM

    What did you use to hang the board on the wall?

    1. Simple drywall screws. I use them a lot for hanging things. I just find they can get through anything, including the old plaster walls in the original part of our house.

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  6. Anonymous11:15 PM

    Love the idea thank you for sharing.working on a craft/office room will paint it all white using a beach theme. Was looking early for any ideas on working with clothes pins have plenty.

  7. Did you use mini or normal sized clothes pins?

  8. Just found this on Pinterest - GREAT IDEA!! I'll be making one this week, for sure!

  9. What is jewel glaze and where do you find it?

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  11. Adorable! I love repurposing pallets - how did you refinish the wood? (sand/stain? What kind of stain?) I have *ahem* a pile of pallets that I've been hoarding for a few projects but I'm trying to find the right finish without buying as many tins of paint/stain.

    Love what you've done here!

  12. How did you attach the clothes pins?